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About the be. real Retreat



The be. real retreat is a personal and spiritual development retreat designed to help you forge a connection with your higher self. Hosted by retreat founder and Indigenous spiritual medium Tryna Gower, and her trusted partner, Lisa Irvine, the weekend will flow with meditative practices, yoga, and dance.


All of the world-class speakers, healers, and teachers who gather at be. real are committed to helping this group create a mass energetic shift. Learn the truth, harness the Law of Attraction, and break through to a blissful state of being the real you—the exalted, connected, and divine you. When you do this, you’ll be capable of manifesting the life beyond your wildest dreams.


This intimate event caps out at 150 seats and is fully orchestrated by the Universe, as those who are intended to attend connect with the opportunity. Tryna Gower was asked by her ancestors to create this event in order to bring together people from all nations. Ultimately, the be. real Retreat attracts the game changers, the feelers, the seers, the doers, and the intuitives— in other words, the be. realers, the heartbeat of the universe.


Are you one of them?

Consider joining us if:

  • You believe you have an emotional block, but aren't sure what it is or how to address it

  • You suffer from limiting beliefs about yourself

  • You put others’ needs ahead of your own

  • You are intrigued by meditation and yoga

  • You have been feeling stuck, unhappy, or unproductive—and you know there is more for you out there

  • You want to take your natural spiritual gifts to the next level

  • Want to have the opportunity to raise your energetic vibration like never before in an award-winning mineral spa

  • You are committed to actively creating what you experience in your life

  • You want to learn how to connect to your higher self

  • If you want to join a great big spiritual family

At the be. real Retreat, you will:

  • Engage in healing yoga, meditation, and dance sessions that will help you discover your own energy and transform it in the moment

  • Access wisdom and powerful tools for change from renowned speakers, teachers, and healers from around the world

  • Allow the magnificent knowledge of the water to guide you while you meditate ocean side with the Medicine Man

  • Co-create a quilt for peace

  • Meet new friends from around the globe and harness the energy of 150 kindred souls to move forward

  • Release and relax in the breathtaking natural setting of Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC

  • Receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over from three spiritual mediums

  • Set your intention for what you really want with Indigenous traditions


Lots of extra special activities to make
your weekend event unforgettable and
life changing.

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