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How to manifest anything you desire without the same old struggles {FREE TEMPLATE}

You’re aware that your mind holds the power to attract whatever opportunities you desire. But something still seems to be standing in the way. What is it?


Why is it you can visualize the life you want so clearly, but the ability to create it still eludes you?


How is it that you know you have powerful gifts — intuition, empathy, focused intention — but they somehow aren’t working the way you feel they should?



THE ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONS — the answer to almost any question — lies within.


If the power to manifest possibilities and create a desirable life is within you, so is the power to block opportunities and sabotage joy.


But…what is this dark power?


It’s self-doubt. It’s a self-limiting belief so profoundly rooted in your mind and soul that you barely recognize that it’s there. And if anyone can understand, I can.





In 2010, I unexpectedly became estranged from some of my family members. At the same time, my Indigenous grandmother died. Granny was my mother figure and the only link to my history and culture.


Then, six months after her death, I received the unexpected gift of Mediumship from Granny. I began having dreams and visions that electrified me — but also confused me. And if the wise woman Spirit Writer Ruby Tunke hadn’t helped me to overcome my personal blocks to start using my gifts properly, I don’t know what I would have done.





I want you to receive what I received from Ruby Tunke, the wise woman in my life. I want you to break through the doubt that cages you.


That’s why I’m giving away a FREE printable manifesting journal for creating the life you desire.



WHAT THIS manifesting journal CAN DO


With this journal, you can figure out where you’re at and where you’d like to go. Better yet, you can surgically remove the blocks that are slowing down what could be a rapid self-evolution.


You can use this powerful tool to:


  • express your intention in crystal clear terms the Universe will hear

  • harness all of your positive energy to create the life of your dreams

  • record your progress as you learn to manifest more effectively

  • build a confidence in yourself you never realized was possible

  • make massive shifts in your career, relationships, and self-concept

  • see with an eagle eye where your “stuckness” and negativity originates


MY gift TO YOU


This manifesting journal is FREE — you deserve the same kind of transformative support that I got in 2010 from Spirit Writer Ruby Tunke.


Access this gift now by entering your information below, including your email address. You’ll receive your manifesting journal by email right away so you can get started transforming your life as soon as possible.

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