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be. real | Online Classes

transform from abroad


Whether you are local or abroad, be. real Founder Tryna Gower is happy to provide you with online classes to help expand your consciousness and intuition. Through the process of Automatic Writing, MEdium Tryna Gower wrote her book, be.come: begin to be. Participate in an Automatic writing experience with Tryna in one of two ways.

Automatic Writing


Explore your subconscious mind with this fully guided meditative experience. In person or over the phone or Skype, Tryna will lead you through a unique process that will unlock your intuition. You will express hidden truths and insights as you put pen to paper, eventually unearthing important communication from your higher self. Automatic writing classes can be booked for individuals or groups of 6 or higher.


Individual Online Classes:  $100.00/hr

Group Online Classes: $30.00/hr/person (Minimum of 6 people)

Contact Tryna to get the next available dates.

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