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Walk in Your True Vibration: be. real and Retreat

Is the way we are living our lives in alignment with who we are?

Often times we think we know who we are, but we are not actually walking in our energetic realness or in our true vibration. We may convince ourselves that we have it all together: we are in control, efficient, effective and everything is great on the outside. But in moments of quiet honesty, we admit we feel a disconnection. In modern society, the ego can take over and make us believe we are someone we are not. How we are living our lives may be nothing of what our soul wants for us. We yearn to align with our true vibration and realize we haven’t discovered what it means to be. real. 

What does it mean to be in our true vibration?

When we are in our true vibration, everything becomes effortless and easy. People, experiences and opportunities manifest in ways that we could not have predicted and would not have expected. The ease of our steps reassures us that we are on the right path. We are fulfilled by knowing that we are intimately and deeply in the flow of life.

Often when we are off-track, we use our brains or ego to force things to come to us, but when we are in alignment and in our true vibration, the details flow effortlessly into our experience. These details come to us and flow out of us without persuasion. This is when we know our ego has released the need to control and we have surrendered to another way of knowing. When we are in our true vibration, we give ourselves permission to be. real, to experience the true essence of who we be.

What does it mean to be. real?

To be. real, we must be completely honest with ourselves with every circumstance in our lives. To do this, we must be willing to be vulnerable with our hearts, our dreams and our process. Vulnerability is a skill we build, so we need to practice it.

To be. real also means that we are willing to be open to the lessons and encouragement that come into our awareness. These can manifest as opportunities and relationships that provide support and inspire us to align with our true vibration every step of the way.

To be. real means we recognize our path for what it is meant to be. We choose to courageously live in authenticity, and we fall in love with our true vibration. Happiness is lasting once it becomes real.

How do we know if we are in our true vibration?

To answer this, use a rating scale. Ask yourself “Am I in my true vibration?” Instead of using your brain, try using your intuition, body or emotions to answer. Rate your response on a scale of zero to ten (zero is not at all in your true vibration, ten is you are deeply connected). Then from that same quiet place within, ask, “What is it that I seek?” Be open to the answers.

The be. real Retreat

The be. real Retreat is an opportunity to explore what you seek and celebrate what you discover. Within the sacred and intimate retreat space, allow this four-day journey to give you permission to be. real.

be. real and explore who you are in your true vibration.

be. real and receive clarity, healing, love and peace.

be. real and retreat with intentional time in awe-inspiring nature.

be. real and learn with a powerful tribe of seekers and teachers.

be. real and gain tools and support from healers and build relationships with mentors.

be. real and raise your vibration with international peace.

I invite you to join us at the be. real Retreat to discover more of who you truly are, to learn how to unleash your divine gifts and abilities with courage, to know you are divinely supported, and to participate in an international and energetic shift in peace.

Tryna Gower | be. real Retreat Founder

be. real group meditaiton
be. real group meditation

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