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Why Your Limiting Beliefs Feel Safe — But Are Actually Ruining Your Life

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

In my work as a psychic reader and medium, I’ve seen it happen again and again: people get a glimpse of the truth about their lives, and they run away.

Allow me to explain. It’s my privilege to communicate with spirits who care about my clients; I deliver messages, and often those messages include instructions for transformation. But even though hearing from a departed loved one or a guiding spirit can be thrilling, healing, and emotional for a client, it’s often hard to put the message into practice. They often return to old habits, old beliefs, and old patterns of feeling even when an alternative is presented to them.

Why? Because it feels safe. But is it safe?

Let’s see…

If you believe that if you step out in confidence, you’re likely to fall down flat, then it might cause you to play small. And playing small feels safe. But what it really does is limit the amount of joy you’re going to experience. Living without joy is risky!

If you believe that people shouldn’t be trusted, then you might turn down offers for help. And being self-sufficient feels safe. But it actually prevents you from accessing the mentorship, guidance, and love you need to breakthrough to a much more empowered place. Living without your full powers is risky!

If you believe that you’re destined for something more, but it’s impossible to figure out what’s holding you back, then you might grow complacent. Complacency feels safe. But what it really does is blind you to very obvious and actionable answers. Living without clarity is risky!

Listen, if these are limiting beliefs for you, you’re not alone. It’s not a problem that you feel or think these things. The real problem is that nobody has taught you to understand your feelings, and use them as a navigation system for moving upwards and onwards. Nobody has taught you to activate your infinite potential to create, manifest, and make your life phenomenal.

I am holding the be. real Retreat because I want to create a space for YOU to learn these things from world-renowned healers and teachers. I want to create a space for blowing past limiting beliefs and taking hold of your divinely-bestowed gifts. I want to create a space where your false sense of security is called out and thrown out. When this happens, you’ll finally be liberated. You’ll look back on the ways you used to comfort yourself and just laugh. You’ll be rich with joy, power, and clarity.

A door is opening in front of you. Will you walk through, or will you let it shut? How long before another door appears?

Take a step. Then take another step. Walk through this door with me Sept 20-23 in Parksville, Vancouver Island.

Let’s enter into this transformative space together.

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