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Schedule of Events

be. a part of peace

What's planned for the
be. real Retreat 2018?

Your intimate journey to connect with your higher self-takes place at the award winning, Tigh-Na-Mara Resort & Spa, in Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Connect with world-class speakers and healers who will help you to energetically shift your reality. Be sure to visit the be. restored Market during breaks to fill your cup.

Schedule of Events

Thursday   September 20


    2-6 pm         Registration Open
  6:00 pm         Get Smudged by the Speakers!

  7:00 pm         Welcome with Lisa Irvine

  7:30 pm         Intro to be. real with Special Guest:
                        Spirit Writer Ruby Tunke     
  9:00 pm         Evening Closes


Friday        September 21 — Peace


 11:00 am         Opening Native Prayer and be. tree
 12:00 pm         Buffet Lunch

  1:00 pm          Sound Bowl Meditation with Ben Bollich

  2:30 pm          Heather McCloskey Beck: 

                         Creating Pathways to Personal and Planetary Peace

  4:00 pm          Mexican Medicine Man Oscar Saúl Rodriguez
                         & Klaudia Engstler:

                         Awaken the Light of the Archetype of the Father

  5:00 pm          Break

  6:00 pm          Group Buffet Dinner

  7:00 pm          An Evening of Spirit Communication:

                         Geoffrey Jowett, Tryna Gower & Ruby Tunke

  9:00 pm          Evening Closes


Saturday     September 22 — Love


  7:30 am           Sound Bowl Meditation with Ben Bollich
  9:00 am           Breakfast Buffet & Networking

11:00 am           Oscar Saúl Rodriguez & Klaudia Engstler:
                          Awaken the Light of the Archetype of the Boy
                          and of the Man

12:45 pm           Buffet Lunch

  2:00 pm           Geof Jowett: Developing Your Intuition
                          for Spirit Communication

  3:30 pm           Break

  4:00 pm           Heather McCloskey Beck: One World, One Love

  5:15 pm           Lisa Irvine: Shine On

  6:15 pm           Dinner on Your Own


Sunday       September 23 — be. real


  7:30 am           Yin Meditation Fusion
  9:00 am           Breakfast Buffet

10:30 am           Peace Quilts: Heather McCloskey Beck
                          & Tryna Gower

12:00 pm           Picnic Lunch at the Ocean

  1:00 pm           Ocean Meditation with Medicine Man,
                          Oscar Saúl Rodriguez:

                          Hear the Teachings the Ocean Gifts to You. 

  2:30 pm           Tryna Gower: be. the Channel to Manifest

  3:45 pm           Speakers Panel

  4:30 pm           Closing Circle: Peace Quilts & Closing Prayer​

  6:00 pm           Event Complete

be. real Tree, set your intention

We invite you to set your intention at the be. real tree,
Friday morning.

meditate and align your chakras. be. real Retreat

be. retreat ready

Exploring Vancouver Island


If you want to explore Vancouver Island, we highly recommend booking an additional day or two with the resort before or after the retreat. Take in all of the unparalleled beauty of the region.



Speakers Panel


There will be a box available all weekend for submitting questions for a speakers’ panel taking place on Sunday. Time is limited, so we are asking for submissions in advance.


What To Bring


  • A yoga mat if you intend to participate in this event’s yoga session (a limited number of yoga mats/meditation cushions may be provided at the event, but cannot be guaranteed for all attendees)

  • A meditation pillow if you prefer to sit on the ground rather than in a chair

  • A light blanket and small pillow for sound meditations

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes

  • Cold weather layers and a rain jacket

  • A water bottle

  • A journal and pen to document your journey

  • Light snacks for during sessions





Several meals will be provided by the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort & Spa. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions that you may have in advance.


A few meals will not be provided by the event and the hotel has mentioned that they will not be able to accommodate 150 diners at once in their facility. Please review the schedule carefully and make restaurant reservations as soon as possible. The town of Parksville is only 10 minutes away from the hotel so you may want to explore off-site dinner reservations too. As each room is equipped with mini or full kitchens, we suggest you stock some of your own food.

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