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International be. real speakers

World class healers–sharing life-changing 
knowledge and teaching conscious 
Peace from the inside out.


At the retreat, you’ll have personal access to world-renowned speakers, teachers and healers as they walk the be. real path with you. This rare retreat experience will allow you to build life-giving relationships with guides in addition to listening to and learning from them.


Join us in hands and heart as we work together to initiate a massive energetic shift. You’ll leave this retreat elevated—but more important, you’ll leave with powerful energy tools and friendships with the teachers you need to guide you forward.


Let us show you the beauty of your own gifts.

Heather McCloskey Beck

Somatic Energy Healer


Joining us from Los Angeles, California, Heather McCloskey Beck is an international author and speaker, social activist, creativity/life mentor, intuitive-somatic energy healer, and founder of the global peace movement, Peace Flash®.  Dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace within our world, Heather’s most recent book, Take the Leap, focuses on how to embrace your unique genius and create a life you truly love; a life that is creatively inspired, and aligned with your own inner calling.



Creating Pathways to Personal and Planetary Peace


Being real is the life-breath for creating peace within our lives, both individually and collectively.  However, in order to create peace on our planet, we must first create peace within ourselves, but how do we do this?  We must remember that we are powerful beings, born with an enormous, transformative potential to create whatever we might dare to imagine. 


Come join Heather McCloskey Beck and the be. real Retreat in creating peace within ourselves and on our beautiful planet.  Learn to discover your intrinsic gifts and be guided through the creative and healing processes that will directly support you in creating Dynamic Peace within your life and in our world. 



One World, One Love


We are one humanity, living together on this jewel of a planet.  I love you, I see you, and invite you to do the same with me.  Being Seen begets Loving.  Loving begets Dynamic Peace and ignites our connection to one another and all of life, both animate and inanimate.


Here is a fresh thought - what if we tenderly embraced the sweetness of our own ocean of creative genius that is innately present within each of us?  What if we allowed ourselves to do that which we truly loved to do, as a creative expression within our lives?  Perhaps then, we might begin to experience a richly inspired, personal peace, birthed from within our elemental selves.  Imagine then, bringing that meaningful expression of ourselves out into the world, gently gracing those around us, sharing our love.  Imagine … just imagine what we might create together, born of Love.



About Heather McCloskey Beck
About Geof Jowett

Geof Jowett

Scientific Intuitive Medium

Lasting Impressions: Communicating with Spirit


Your loved ones in spirit await your attention to share heartfelt messages of loving kindness. Understand how to receive personal messages from spirit that direct, encourage, appreciate, and inspire all aspects of your earthly life. Uncover knowledge of your karma, obstacles preventing you from knowing peace and joy, and insight on the progression of your soul. The purpose of this workshop is to help you recognize clear, consistent, and personal messages from your loved ones in spirit. Understand how you see, feel, and sense messages within your energy body.


Geof has provided readings as an intuitive spiritual medium for over twenty-five years, published four books, and has taught workshops for 12 years using his scientific background and higher education which has allowed him to uniquely explore the logic of science and the mysticism of metaphysics.


Currently, Geof resides in beautiful Palm Springs, California.



Oscar Saúl Rodríguez

Mexican Medicine Man

When I was 11 years old, I had existential questions. At 13 years I started to meditate. At 18 my healer grandmother told me that my mission in this life is being a healer. After many years of meditation, in 2008 I created and started to teach my Kuantum Meditation. 


Since more than 20 years I give astrological consultations, nowadays, thanks to technology, also with the Internet. When Klaudia and I started to have a project of life together, doors started to open for us in Austria, Canada and Mexico.


We are a team, she translates for me into English and German and has always valuable contributions, and besides a big heart and a big smile, she is a teacher for wonderful hugs. Together we do our unique Four Hands Healing Massage.


To reconnect with our inner peace, women and men, I invite you to awaken the light of our masculine energies.

Throughout both days you will learn three meditations to awaken the light of the masculine archetypes: father, boy, and man.

Klaudia Engstler

Healer and Translator

I started to learn massages and energy work in 1994 in Paraguay, South America, and soon I was in need of spiritual answers. So years of intense training followed which included retreats with Tibetan Lamas, Rituals with native Shamans and Healers of different traditions and workshops with many wonderful spiritual Teachers around the world. I feel very grateful and honoured for having learned different ways of meditation and healing and how to expand awareness and to evolve in the body, mind and spirit.


Saúl and I met for the first time in 1999 in México City, and since 2010 we have been happily sharing our paths and life’s in love, harmony and consciousness.





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About Saul and Klaudia
About Tryna Gower

Tryna Gower

Indigenous Psychic Medium & Founder

Conference founder Tryna Gower is the vision and heart behind the be. real movement and lifestyle. 


Native Canadian Tryna Gower also encourages you to tap into your own intuition and learn to trust the messages you receive from your higher self. As an Indigenous Psychic Medium, Tryna Gower has a passion for helping people grow, heal and learn through self-discovery and meditation while including some of her culture and native healing ways. Her ability to connect with spirit to find answers and healing has brought life-changing momentum and spiritual re-connection to both herself and many others.


Also known as a dreamer, Tryna has the ability to connect with spirit awake and sleeping. Her premonitions are constant and the be. real brand was built largely by this gift. In her dreams, she receives messages and teachings to enhance her spiritual communication and is given specific tasks that her guides — the grandfathers and grandmothers — want her to accomplish or seek out.


be.come ~ begin to be, a memoir written by Tryna Gower through the process of automatic writing, will be available at the event and signed with a special message, channeled from spirit, just for you.


The Tigh-Na-Mara...

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YOU are so much MORE than you realize.

— Ruby Tunke

Ruby Tunke

Spirit Writer

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