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Why be. real?

Why be. real?


Literally Follow Your Dreams



One night in 2012, about a year after setting up Studio TGP, my graphic design, website, photography, and branding business, I had a dream that changed the course of my life.


Dreaming is something I do every night. Most nights I will average three to five detailed and powerful visions that often leave me feeling compelled, inspired, and drawn to connect with my higher self to discover the message being delivered. On this particular night, I dreamt of a meeting with Oprah Winfrey in her penthouse apartment. I was pitching myself to her and it was about a potential TV show called Get Real.


At the time, I was experiencing an intense spiritual awakening. I sought out my first teacher and personal reader, Spirit Writer Ruby Tunke, for guidance about this particular dream. During the session she told me that my dream was more about being real than getting real. She explained that since I was still in my early days of psychic development, I wasn’t hearing things as clearly in my dreams as I one day would.


Shortly after that, all kinds of healers and teachers from around the globe walked into my life to help me evolve. I was so astounded at how profoundly my life changed with their guidance. In this new walk, I saw how quickly I could experience emotional healing and learn to love others and myself more deeply. It became apparent to me that we are all undiscovered brilliant beings just waiting to come out of our shells of conformity and self-protection. After seeing my own life and spiritual development excel on the fast track, I felt compelled to connect these friends and teachers with others. Thus…be. real was born. My dream came to life in a form I could have never predicted.


So what dreams of yours are waiting to be born into reality, transforming your life and shifting the energy of the world towards enduring peace?


be. real was created by spirit and bringing it into tangible reality is my gift to you. be. real’s teachers are my healers, guides, and friends and they all exude love in its purest form. I can’t wait for you to meet them.


If you are ready to see and touch your own soul, then be. real with us this September 2018.


With excitement for what lies ahead for you,


Founder | Medium | Author

Tryna Gower

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